Fate beckoned you here through your supremely powerful psychic senses because you are seeking a way to use your intuitive gifts and abilities to expand your life to its fullest potential. 

You’re in luck, we’ve got just what you need.

Love Notes

This was my first deck that I ordered ONLINE, I was a little hesitant... however it is now my absolute favorite!  Every card is charged with such magic! The meanings in the book are also written so beautifully and spot on... I also got the crystal deck wish is just as magical - they are a great pair to use together thank you for bringing them to me!


These decks are incredible. I have been collecting decks my entire life and own over 40. I have both the Mystic Rebel Oracle Deck and the Mystic Rebel Crystal deck and they have quickly become my go-to choices. They feel like I'm talking to my psychic best friend! I've been using them with clients as well and everyone loves the multi racial representation and imagery. Everyone can see themselves in these decks!


I would be lost without the Oracle Card Reading 101 Course! Zoey is so fun to learn from and her her guidance has helped me take my work with oracle cards (Mystic Rebel Oracle decks to be exact) to new depths for myself and others. It's perfect for newbies or anyone who wants to improve their craft! Thank you Zoey!



The Mystic Rebel shop was born as a home for the Mystic Rebel Oracle Card series and other tools for intuitive and spiritual development. It is the divine mission of Mystic Rebel to act as a spiritual sanctuary, to stimulate your psychic senses, and act as a portal for your journey into the world of magic made manifest.

Shop owner, Zoey Greco, also known as "The Merhipsy", is an intuitive empath and spiritual coach, whose work connects individuals to the divine guidance and unconditional love that awaits them in every moment from Universal energy. Outside of private session, she has channeled the Mystic Rebel Oracle Card series, Oracle Card Reading 101, and is currently creating more tools for intuitive expansion. She hopes that her work will assist others in living a life rich in Universal Love, connection to Oneness, and realization of their Divine potential.