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Yearly Reports

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Each year brings both blessings and lessons with it. Even when we are feeling self-assured and gung-ho jumping into the blank slate of a new year, that same tabula rasa can bring on anxiety or fear of what’s to come. If this sounds like you, you are NOT alone. If the past few years haven’t been smooth sailing, it can be difficult to imagine that just because the clock strikes midnight and the ball drops over Times Square that our lives magically transform from frustrating to flawless. Ask yourself, what would it feel like to have freedom from anxiety about the upcoming year, and instead have a comfortable confidence that you can tackle anything that Spirit throws your way? The answer is “awesome.”

Yearly Numerology reports help people better understand the year ahead of them. Because I personally know the power and insanely spot-on accuracy of Numerology, at every turn of the new year, I preform a yearly report for myself. How else can I know how the cosmos are divinely converging and conspiring for my highest good?

By using your unique birth date, I can define a distinct theme for the 12 months ahead and help forecast this coming year, month by month for you. You’ll be able to recognize the most important lessons you’ll learn this year, your deepest inner longings, your most pressing needs, and how your natural talents will blossom into more fulfilling fruition.

Your numerology report makes clear the best (and less ideal) times to…
Take the leap and start a new business venture or seek a new job
▲Focus on your family with a steadfast spirit of unconditional love
▲Begin a romance or be open to romantic vulnerability
▲Encounter greater financial abundance And MORE!